About Us

McKenzie Plastering was founded in January 2014 by Mathew Thatcher, skilled in all aspects of Plastering Mathew wanted to start a company that combined great quality of work and fantastic customer service. Not happy with services provided by other companies in the area, Mathew saw a need for a plastering company that can provide quality in Crewe and surrounding area using the best Tools and Materials, to always work in a clean and safe manner.

Company ValuesValues that Mckenzie plastering strive to provide:

  • Clean, Reliable and always fully insured
  • Provide Excellent customer service
  • Guarantee 100% Satisfaction in all work carried out.
  • Always Price Work Honestly, Fairly and competitively
  • To be prompt and Punctual
  • To always us the best quality Tools & materials available

Health and SaftyMcKenzie Plastering strive to provide the highest level of health and safety of any work carried out on site. A Method statement is provided to every site before any worked is carried out and all equipment is checked in line with the method statement for safety and quality insurance.

Areas checked

  • Tools used in the worked to be carried out
  • Any Ladders, scaffolding or Stilts
  • All Staff will be provided and required to use all PPE equipment
  • Working area checked for Hazards
  • Safe, Clean working area to be maintained 24/7