How Long Until the Plaster is ready to be painted?
This usually takes a minimum of 3 days but depends on the work undertaken.

What is the first thing i should do befor i paint the plaster?
First thing to do be for you paint the walls is to apply a mist coat consisting 50% paint and 50% water. Allow to dry to give the Plaster time to soak up the paint. This will provide a superior surface to paint.

Do i need to sand the plaster after it drys?
The simple answer to this is no. When the plaster has dried it should provide a smooth surface for painting or wallpapering.

On average what time would the team arrive and finish for the day?
On average the team would start at 8-8:30 and finish 4-4:30.

Do i need to provide tools or materials?
No the Team is very well equipped and all best materials will be provided.

Do i need to clean out the area required for work?
This would be best but if this is not possible then we can cover furniture and other items with dust sheets before we start any work.

Are any facility’s required?
The only services required to complete the work is electricity and water.

Would you be happy working with other contractors?
This wouldn’t be a problem, we are a friendly company and are happy to work with others.

Are all Team members onsite trained?
All team member have are trained in all trades they will be undertaking.

Will a method statement be provided when requested?
upon request a method statement can be provided to the supervisor or house owner.

Do you provide invoice of work carried out?
Yes an invoice is provided for all work carried out.